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A-B-C meme

> YES!

> Taekwondo

>still P, then there's T and then there's also R

> Sparky and Stitch

> Kit.

> White. Where every color in the spectrum is there:D

> gummeh burz!

> QC

> i dream of playing the electric guitar and a keytar!!!

> orange juice

> any kind that you can dance to.

> 7 hours

> melon and soy

> DOS! ^_^

> that life works out for me

P - Phobia/Fears?
> really great heights, drowning

> hmmm......

> dancing. and if only you knew, you...o_o

> how do i breathe- mario

> 11:00am

> i love putting myself in situations that i'll get scratched, scabbed and bruised, though i hate how they take so much time to heal, the adrenaline of the moment is just awesome and don't you just love throwing yourself around STUNT WOMAN style!!!??

> fine...since umangal si kit, i don't like damn vegebles!

> the constant need for me to clean my ears.


Z - Zodiac Sign
> Taurus

the one wtih a dffeeirnt knid of pian.

This morning, I couldn't move my left knee. I panicked because I couldn't get up properly. I couldn't get off of my bed and just when I was about to do so, said knee buckled, I wobbled and fell. My mom was already calling me to wake up but I didn't want her to see me having difficulty standing so I walked to the dining room as gracefully as I could, quickly sitting down and once again tried to stretch my left leg under the table, away from wandering eyes that might speculate my condition.

If some may recall, I had this condition almost 4 years ago already and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. It was a recurring condition I had that I completely ignored everyday at that time. I kept telling myself and others that I am just physically stressing myself too much. But one day, I just couldn't make that excuse anymore when I couldn't stretch my leg. I had to miss school and literally hop to the hospital and have it looked at. Let's just say that particular hospital wing heard my horrid screams of pain. After the whole leg-straightening ordeal, the doctor advised me to lay off the knee work for a month, which meant no running, no dancing, no basketball, no volleyball, and basically anything that required me to bend my knees. I returned to school the day after and they just had to have a fire drill. Awesome.

And this morning, after that happened, I wanted to cry. In the dining room, my mom saw me flexing and stretching my leg and asked me if my leg problem has returned. I said no but she wasn't convinced, so what do mothers do best? Pester you some more. So, I leveled with her and insisted that no, it wasn't back and it won't ever be.

I don't want it back. I don't need another physically demeaning and frustratingly emotional episode.

This is How We Live

Don't we just love college...

Every New Semester:

After First Week:

After Second Week:

Before the Mid-Term Test:

During the Mid-Term Test:

After the Mid-Term Test:

Before the Final Exams:

Once Get to Know the Final Exam Schedule:

7 Days Before the Final Exam:

6 Days Before the Final Exam:

5 Days Before the Final Exam:

4 Days Before the Final Exam:

3 Days Before the Final Exam:

2 Days Before the Final Exam:

1 Day Before the Final Exam:

The Night Before the Final Exam:

1 Hour Before the Final Exam:

During the Final Exam:

Once Walk Out From the Examination Hall:

After the Final Exam, During the Holiday:

Yep...It will work...

2007: In The Beginning

Where did you bring in the New Year?
At home, with loads of foodage. We welcome the new year stuffing ourselves.

Who were you with?

Did you kiss anyone at midnight?
Not really. Well, I smothered my family. Do you think that counts?

Did you make any resolutions?
I don't really remember.:|

2007: Your Love Life

Did you break up with anyone?

Did you get anything for Valentine's day?

Did you meet anyone special?

Did you fall in love?
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

2007: Friends and Enemies

Did you meet any new friends this year?
Yes naman. All them ACOMM people. Gotta love 'em.X3
my classmates last last sem, last sem and this sem.:D
Hmmm... And the random people I met along this crazy year.:D

Did any of your friendships end?
Friendships don't end, dear. We just ignore them.

Yak. labo!

Did you dislike anyone?

Did you make any new enemies?
Ewan ko. Siguro. There might be some people who wish to get me killed.

Did you resolve any fights?

Who was your closest friend?

Who did you grow apart from?
You know what they say..."You win some. You lose some."

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
not really.

2007: Your BIRTHDAY!!!

Did you have a cake?
Yes...My barkada gave me a cake topped with 18 lollipops.:D

What did you do for your birthday?
1. Barkada treat.
2. Ate out with my family.
3. Shopped like crazy.ZD

Did you have a party?:
If you call a night of booze and shisha-ing a party, then HELL YEAH!

Did you get any presents?

If so what was the best thing you got?
I don't have a best thing. I love everything I got.

2007: All about YOU

Did you change at all this year?:
Changed my hair twice.

Did you dye your hair?
The year before. Well, I dyed it red but the brown gold still stood out. Crap.

Did you get your hair cut?



Did you change your style?
I don't know. Did I?

Were you in school?

Did you get good grades?
Last school year. But this sem just sucks eggs.

Did you have a job?

Did you drive?
NO *O* :((

Did you own a car?
Nada. *O*

Did anyone close to you give birth?

Did you move at all?
Yes. :D

Did you go on any vacations?
YES!!! Panga-Baguio; BaguioSembreak

Did you leave the country at all?

Would you change anything about yourself now?
Now? I don't think so.

2007: Wrap Up.

Is 2007 a good year?
Could have been better... I would've wished for my family to have it easier... But we're alive, we're together, our limbs are still intact, we are still sane. I'm happy.

Did 2007 bring any new insights?

Do you think 2008 will top 2007?
There's no telling but with Incubus and Maroon 5 starting off the year...I THINK 2008 WILL ROCK!!!

If you could relive any moment which would you choose?
well, i wouldn't relive any moment. let them be special as they are.:D
It's another one of those head-desk-head-desk days.

If you don't watch CSI or any of the CSI spin-offs, I suggest that you don't read on...

And, if you don't want to hear fangirl rantings, I also suggest that you move on to the next update on your friends' list.

I was checkin out updates here on lj when I noticed the ad strip at the right side of the screen. There was a link there for a petition to keep Jorja Fox on CSI for the rest of the season. It was kind of interesting to see but come on, let someone from CSI die already (excluding the many deaths, recurring or just corpses). I mean, Holly Gribbs (character played by Chandra West) does not count. They killed her off in the pilot. And then Sara Sidle (Fox's character) comes in replacing Ms. I-got-killed-by-suspect-returning-to-scene-of-crime-'cause-Warrick-left-me-to-get-fuckin'-murderlized. I'm moving away from my point. Point is, no matter how CSI still wants to keep Jorja Fox as a guest star in upcoming seasons, I want her killed! If they want her guesting, return her as a ghost! Think Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane on CSI:Miami)...He's now the product of Eric Delko's (Adam Rodriguez...you're so hot!) hallucinations...a.k.a....his imaginary friend. See, they killed a main on CSI:Miami. They also killed a main on CSI:NY (Vanessa Ferlito's Aiden Burn) who was replaced by I-only-got-one-expression Lindsay Monroe played by Anna Belknap (Why Danny, why???). Kill Sara Sidle. I want her dead. I didn't like her that much anyway in the beginning. Then the bad impression kind of stuck to me for a while and then...I don't know...maybe at one point I started liking her a little...but I WANT HER DEAD!




Check this out...


Guys, it's gonna be beyond!!!

Aug. 2nd, 2007



I'm supposed to be writing my comtheory paper right now but there's just nothing up there in my scrunched up pillowcase bitter with sweetness and sweet with bitterness. There's nothing worse than my unwrapped brain laid open in front of me, bleeding with all the citrus memories that it keeps. Looking at it makes me giddy and sick all in one go. Once upon a time it was intact and stapled real tight. Now it is empty and calling to me with much remorse.

A song is stuck in my head. It just won't escape and time is running out. I keep on leaning and reaching over the security and they push me back. How can I have all these thoughts while the gray lies in front of me, it's juices mixing with the mess the other one that beats made. I hear the rain outside but the dream was just relived and I wish for it to go away. The song should just go away. I should not even be singing it. Singing the song will only cause so much hurt to the singer. This wasn't supposed to happen. The song is creeping and it settled in there, making itself at home. This song is driving me nuts and it is just so obnoxious. It doesn't give a God knows what kind of damn. I want to listen to it even more. I want to feel the song and feel it take over me and make me dance, laugh and cry. NO! I don't want to. Shut up! I'm at the edge and maybe it will just fall before me, sink into the sea, fade away, nothing but a memory. The memory can just be wiped away from the pillowcase. A tissue will do. Wipe it off. Wipe my tears too. Oh yeah, as another song goes, there's a life outside your apartment. MY heart, it bleeds, bleeds for only you.

Oh and yeah, my comtheory paper is still at word zero.

I'm a 3!

Got this one from Cy. I've got nothing else to do...Well, there's Bible Fight and Park My Car... ANYWAY! TRY IT!!!XD
I got 4+26=30; 3+0=3!

Check your LOVE attitude.
To find your love attitude number, add your birth month and your birthdate together. Keep reducing it until it's a single digit.

January 28  1+28=29  2+9=11  1+1=2;        
Your love attitude number is 2.

If your number is:

You are charming, imaginative and independent. Usually your style is ahead of others; you know what's in and what's way out. Sometimes you're a little too aggressive when it comes to pursuing a love interest. You have a way of drawing attention wherever you go, and this dramatic flair usually attracts the strongest guys. Your competitive nature either draws or repels guys/gals...but those who can't handle your power aren't your type anyway. At times you can be possessive, manipulating and demanding with your friends and in love relationships. You like guys/gals with lots of intelligence... and knock-'em-dead good looks don't hurt either.

Your love nature is sentimental, romantic and kind. Your easygoing, mild manner allows almost everyone to feel very comfortable with you -especially shy guys/gals. Your modesty and tact enable you to get along easily with both sexes. You are a natural peacemaker and can be very persuasive with words, which helps you to gain the respect of your classmates. You can also be too sensitive at times, and your greatest drawback is a lack of confidence to stand up for yourself in conflict. Your favorite type of guy is a gentle, affectionate one who is also strong and playful. A great sense of humor is also a must. A guy/gal who loves to listen to music and dance should rank high on your list of favorites, too.

You are imaginative, fun-loving, thrill-seeking and expressive. You're so charming that you attract many friends and you are almost never lacking guys/gals. In your earlier years, you may be totally shy and self-conscious, but you'll lose those qualities in the high-school years. You can be sort of vain or even a bit of a show-off when you get caught up in exciting events in your life, but you usually redeem yourself in some playful way before you lose a friend. Jealousy shows its ugly head sometimes, but generally you aren't affected by it unless your guy/gal tries to provoke it. In the guy/gal department, you prefer the athletic or artistic types. You're in absolute heaven when you find both of those qualities in the same guy/gal. When you're looking for love, a guy/gal who can make you laugh scores points, big time!

You tend to be loyal, dedicated and good hearted. You're one of the most diligent students when you really try, and you tend to make your schoolwork a priority. You also express those same qualities in your love relationship. No one is more faithful and trusting than you. In fact, those tendencies can be a little negative in your romantic life. You may sometimes hang on too long to a guy/gal who doesn't give you the respect and love you deserve. You can be stubborn and a bit of a troublemaker if the mood strikes you but you can usually dig yourself out of that hole just in time to stay out of major trouble. You usually fall for extremes when choosing a love mate -he/she may be a show-off or a teacher's pet. Whatever the type, it helps if he/she is good-looking, too, but that's not a major consideration for you.

Your love attitude is adventurous, charismatic and spontaneous. You're creative and adaptable, and you can come up with the most exciting and sometimes daring things to do. Your quick intelligence and way with words help get you out of the problems that come with being flirtatious and playing hard to get. You need to pay close attention to your personal values because you love to try new and different things and easily go along with the crowd and the consequences can put extra strain on your relationship with a boy/girl. You like guys/gals who have great bodies and good looks, along with exceptional brain and high grades. It helps if they are highly athletic or involved in as many activities as you, otherwise you might get bored! Variety is the key to your love attitude number.

You are warm, loving, devoted and affectionate. Your outgoing, thoughtful nature attracts many girlfriends/boyfriends to you, and usually some of the nicest guys/gals too. Because of your need to care, you can end up in a relationship that requires too much care -taking to make it balanced. Since home and family play important roles in your life, you are unlikely to be attracted to guys/gals who your parents wouldn't like. Sometimes you have a slight jealous streak... but it doesn't last long. Some people with this love attitude number are prone to making harsh judgments of others, especially when others don't share your set of values. You are especially attracted to the good looking, boy/girl-next-door type who is smart as well as a gentle man/woman.

Your love nature is thoughtful, poetic, mystical and mysterious. A few people with love attitude number seven are class clowns, and they usually attract guys/gals who like to be given a hard time. But most of you are the quiet, reserved types who dislike calling attention to yourself. Your type generally attracts guys who feel the same way you do. Your refined, independent and secretive nature is very alluring to certain guys/gals. At times you can also be somewhat fault-finding and a little demanding in your love relationship and with friends. You are mostly attracted to guys/gals who aren't like all the rest; a loner easily attracts you. And, if he/she reads a lot and enjoys learning, he/she is especially perfect for you.

Your love attitude is confident, powerful and exciting. This number usually makes for a very conscientious student, someone who puts schoolwork ahead of a social life. However, you also enjoy being a leader among your classmates and will seek offices or other positions that enable you to use your leadership skills. Because of this, you can be somewhat intimidating to certain guys/gals. You can also be a little too intense, bossy and jealous for your own good. Your love match is definitely someone who is smart, handsome and popular. You like quality over quantity and will usually wait until the guy/gal with the best attributes comes along.

You have a sophisticated attitude that is also generous and considerate. Your responsible, charitable nature may find you attracting guys/gals who want someone to confide in or who makes them feel secure. At a very young age, you developed the type of personality that makes others feel safe and protected. You will carry these qualities into your adult years and, down the road, you'll be a good mom/dad because of them. On the negative side, you can be argumentative and overly emotional, and you usually possess a temper that can make everyone run for cover. You like the kind of guy/gal who is responsible and impeccably dressed and has gorgeous eyes and a great body. Charm, with and (of course) brilliance could make him the perfect guy/gal for you. 




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